5 Indoor and Outdoor DIY home Projects Done in One-Two Days

Have you ever consider to build one or some DIY home projects? Yes, the DIY projects might be not for everyone. Most of us see a DIY project seems rather impossible to touch, let alone to create something useful and beautiful. But nothing is impossible if you take step on it with a little prioritize and time management. You can make it done in few days, of course if you choose to do the project for beginner.

There are countless DIY home projects you can make for both inside and outside your home. And here are some ideas for you:

1. A Cork Bulletin Board

Source: donewrighthomeimprovement.blogspot.com

This is a simple project you can do as a beginner and won’t spend your entire day. Find some bottle of wine and take out the corks. Afterward, choose the frame you like (whether the size and style), arrange the wine cork and glue them on. While gluing the corks directly on the top of a picture, you should paint them in a solid color. So the finishing will be tidier and no picture will come up.

2. The Sign Wood

Source: ideaboz.com

This one needs some materials, such as an old piece of wood, a sponge brush and a chalk paint. First thing first, you have to prepare the wood in whether length you desire, continue to stencil a message or a note as a sign using the chalk paint. The finishing should be using a sponge brush and seal with a polycyclic to make it softer.

3. Blanket Ladder

Source: the36thavenue.com

This one is commonly well-known in the entire universe. People always do this DIY project as their first project. You only need an old ladder to be placed in certain spot, such as the bedroom or bathroom.

4. Picture Frame Terrarium

Source: pinterest.es

DIY home projects that dress up your home are always fantastic. This time, you need dollar store picture frame and a paint to create a beautiful picture frame terrarium. This project is not only for real plants. If you are worry having the real ones, put some fake plants inside this terrarium. The effect won’t betray. Flowers are always beautiful, no matter fake or real.

5. An Artistic Mirror

Source: indoor.joindigital.net

Purchase some geometric mirror wall stickers and arrange certain pattern. Though they mass-product, but once you have your personal pattern, the finishing look will be personalized as well. And, it is preferable to choose different metals to be mixed up so you get a real statement on your wall.



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