5 Ultimate Guides to Choose the Small Bathroom Wall Cabinet

One feature that accommodates the essentials is the bathroom cabinet. Thus, choosing one is not as simple as pointing your fingers on it, let alone the small size of bathroom you deal with. The small bathroom wall cabinet certainly makes your bathroom feel bigger, if you make a correct decision to choose one.

Here are some ultimate guides you may follow:

The color. The color in the bathroom defines what style and look you will get, including the cabinet color. Do some following tips:

1. Rules of Thumb

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Lighter color reflects the light, so as the dark one absorbs the light. It means, if you have small bathroom, you should choose a lighter colored cabinet so your room looks bigger. On the other hand, avoid darker colored cabinet if you do not want it look smaller.

2. Contrast Colors

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This rule is for people having a bigger bathroom. It is acceptable to choose a small bathroom wall cabinet that contrasts the wall color. It rules the contrary though, if you have a small bathroom, you better choose the similar color between bathroom cabinet and wall.

3. Warm and Pastel Colors

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You can choose this one if you have a rather bigger room as pastel color creates a bit closer to the viewer. Or, place one alongside white.

4. Cool Colors

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This is the opposite of the warm colors. By installing the cool colored- small bathroom wall cabinet, your room will look expansive.

5. Natural Lights

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If your bathroom provides one or more windows (natural light), you have to see the rules of natural light. Light from the west and south is warmer, while the one from the east and north is cooler.

The texture. Some rules you should follow are:

  • Add (even a smooth) texture into your bathroom, such as placing some decorating items on the cabinet.
  • The textured vanity should be complemented by less-fussy features.
  • A bathtub is another smooth texture.
  • Create a contrast to a smooth element by adding matte-finish cabinets.
  • Smooth-textured finishes cabinets are preferable, so you can add another decorative item, such as a rug.
  • Balance the texture and pattern. Both are going hand in hand, such as placing an oak cabinet with a pronounced grain vanity.
  • Subdued texture is better, such as maple cabinets.
  • Too much textures equal to less space. You are allowed and to add texture in your small bathroom wall cabinet but do it wisely.



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