6 Easy Guides to Purchase Bathroom Storage Cabinets Floor Standing

Bathroom commonly is one of the smallest spots at home. But you have to put furniture and other essentials on there, such as the bathroom storage cabinets floor standing. The idea is how to create a bathroom as a safe sanctuary to start and end the day as well as functionally works. It should never be crowded and increase your stress level.

That is the reason why give your some easy guides before you purchase any furniture or other essentials for your bathroom.

1. The Size and Orientation

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This step should be considered before you even think of the different types of bathroom furniture. You have to do measurement and write down the accurate length, width and height of your bathroom. Not to mention the mains water and power supplies. Draw the layout. For small bathroom, you may choose wall-hung storage cabinet, slim line unit and cloakroom basin and toilet unit.

2. The Shape and Color

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You may find lots of shapes of bathroom furniture, such as corner vanity unit, curved vanity unit with basin, etc. And there must be ones that suit to your bathroom style and space.

3. The Style

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There are three main furniture styles you need to choose: traditional, modern and contemporary.

4. The Material

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Choose the one that you are most likely to choose. Those materials would be melamine faced chipboard (MFC), medium density fiberboard (MDF), and solid wood.

5. The Finishing

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This one should be considered after you choose the material. The finishing would be foil wrapped, painted and acrylic.

6. The Assembly and Fitting

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You may discuss this format to the store before purchasing any.

Our next concern is about the storage cabinets. As they are important to store essentials on your bathroom and make it tidier, you may consider some of the storage cabinet options below:

  • Bathroom storage cabinets floor standing and wall-hung storage cabinet. These two products are most popular among others. As they are easily portable and can be moved around. They are suitable for the bathrooms in the city life where flexibility and convenience is what people are looking for. You can choose one with open shelves, multiple drawers or hidden shelves.
  • Tall storage cabinet. This one can be wall-mounted or floor standing. As they are providing larger storage without taking much space in your bathroom, then you can easily store things, such as toiletries, extra towels, toilet rolls, etc.
  • Storage bench. It can work as a bench and a storage. If you have such a large family, you better choose this one.

Illuminated mirror cabinet that provides mirror and storage.



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