6 How to Plan the DIY Fence for Front Yard

Fence is building a structure and beautify your home. Whether it is in your back yard or front yard, fence always becomes a real protector from any danger outside your property. As a fence reflects your interior design, it is also available in various styles. The following DIY fence may help you designing the right fence for your home.

1. White-washed Picket Fence

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This is a classic American style fence. This style does not give you full coverage to your privacy and protection but it enhances the beauty of your front, back or yard. The height is about 1 – 1,5 meters with no fence door. So, it is assumed that this style is about to create a border to the property. The facade of the house is still visible to the passersby and you won’t get any privacy on the yard, except you have a big tree on it. By having this style, you will get a warm feeling to the surrounding as it is suitable for rural area.

2. Square Wooden Fence Posts

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This one is still coming from the classic American style that is suitable for rural area. No privacy is covered by installing this style of fence. But it is beautiful to enjoy the scenery around your property without any barrier.

3. Metal Posts

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This one is rather modern and suitable for urban houses but support less privacy as other previous styles.

4. Lattice Enclosure

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This DIY fence gives you a visually appealing barrier and supports growing the vertical garden, such as vines. This one provides more privacy and protection. It is suitable for both rural and urban living. The height is according to your own preference so it does not have any regulation.

5. Stacked Stone Fence

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This one is rarely found in the urban residential. So, it is possible to be built in rural area where the homeowner has a large area to protect. The positive vibe of this style is it provides such beautiful blend to the natural surroundings. If you ever read a historical novel, when your imagination may reach this kind of fence better.

6. Brick Columns

Source: homespecially.com

This mix material fence is helping you to break up the redundancy of wooden posts. If you need full coverage or privacy, then this one is for you. It is completely closed of the eyes of passersby. Inside, you may build kids’ playground without worrying the danger coming from the outsiders.



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