6 No Money DIY Garden Décor Projects Made of Rocks

Doing something in the garden is relieving. One of the most heart-warming activities in the garden is by doing a DIY garden decor project. Creating a little refreshment in your garden does not need to break your bank account. There are some cheap DIY garden decor projects that will add some life in it.

1. The Colorful Strawberry Rocks

Source: kitchendecor004.blogspot.com

In this project, you need some small rocks that can be found around your garden. Further step is by painting them in as the strawberries, which are red, green and some black dots. Place them everywhere as long as you keep them in a group. Besides its unique yet beauty, these colorful rocks will naturally keep the birds away. Try this trick if you have some fruits to protect.

2. Stone Bench

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Another free and easy to find material, which is rock. In this project, we need more rocks than the first one. Build some bracket as the structure of bench and table. Fill each bracket with rocks until they are strong and ready to take the heavy duty, as a seater. Complete the project by adding some cushions on it. And you are ready! You don’t even need paint to work on this project. 100% natural.

3. Kid’s Rock Stone Art

Source: homesns.com

Collect some more rocks. This time, ask your kids as you will make them do the project. Paint each small rock, and give them the eyes. Arrange those colorful rocks on a bigger rock at your garden. If your kid loves Minions, you may ask him/ her to paint them all in yellow as Minions are.

4. Adorable Stepping Stones

Source: shakemyblog.fr

All you need is some paints in various colors and your creativity! Yes, you need to dig on your own creativity to create some adorable stepping stones for your DIY garden decor You can create a butterfly, a bird, a love symbol, a flower, etc. There is no rule nor limitations of this project. So, be free and paint whatever appears in your mind.

5. Rock Bucket Planter

Source: pinterest.cl

This super beautiful planter made of rock. You need to collect some small rocks, a planter, glue and sponge to clean them up. Get your planter ready to be glued by those small rocks until they cover the entire planter. As the basic planter, you can use whatever you find.

6. Rock Caterpillar

Source: nafhahome.com

This project is for your kids. Paint some small rocks and arrange them into a caterpillar shape.V



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