6 Things to Consider While Choosing Rustic Front Doors for an Urban Area

A front door is more than just a feature to keep your home safe. A front door can easily attract people’s attention. Furthermore, if you are living in an urban area, there are some rules and regulations to look at. Applying the rustic front doors is not only about the beauty, there are other things to reconsider.

1. The Design

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Look at your surroundings, whether you are living in a conservation area, you have limited choices. While considering about the design of your front door, you should consider about the look of the age of your property. Make sure that the front door’s design will complement the particular period of your property. In UK, the most popular and common front door design is the classic Victorian style. If this one is not into your consideration, you can take other options.

2. Price VS Quality

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Someone who needs to remodel or renovate a house must have a budget. But, quality still comes first. Just remember what is the main function of a front door; safety. So, they must be in high-quality materials, good insulation and strong structure. They are three basic considerations while talking about the quality. You better set a higher budget on this one.

3. How Secure is it? Rustic Front Doors Mostly Are Made Wood

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While the most secure doors are a solid core. Make sure you choose the right quality of solid core, which is by knocking on the door. If they sound like “dead”, then they are solid one and must be chosen. On the contrary, if they sound echo, you better forget as they must be hollow doors. Yet, if you choose a lock, choose the one having anti-pick, anti-snap, anti-bump and anti-drill.

4. The Size

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A front door does not come in all the same size. You have to make a measurement of your entryway and the door gap. Communicate this size to the door specialist so they can help you finding out the right size.

5. The Color

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This might be a fun part of choosing the right rustic front doors. Release all stressful thoughts of previous steps by choosing the right color. While doing this step, you need to choose a tone that complements your house (at least the outdoor) and the style of your house.

6. Painting Your Front Door

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There are three most popular paint finishes; matte, gloss and semi-gloss. Besides, the outdoor paints are usually either oil-based or latex-based.



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