8 Some Styles of Modern Farmhouse Door You Should Copy

A modern farmhouse is getting popular as it is more applicable to the urban life. You can easily get this vibe by combining the sleek contemporary accents and classic American architecture. This combination affects to the farmhouse door as well.

The following are some examples that you can copy:

1. A Masonite Craftsman Style

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This is the ultimate characteristic of a modern farmhouse door. It is made of Masonite’s smooth fiberglass with clear glass. The look that is shown is crisp and clean lines. At a first glance, you will see the classic craftsman architecture. By installing this style, you will get the proven durability of fiberglass.

2. A Kolbe Contemporary Style Window

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There are various classic elements that are combined with a modern twist. If you love how an exterior of farmhouse is, with its traditional metal roof, farmer’s porch and board-and-batten siding, you must find this one is unbelievably fascinating. This style focus on embracing the surrounding. You may not live in such rural area with a beautiful wine vineyard as a surrounding, but this style will help you enjoying the hectic urban neighborhood.

3. Velux Skylights

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You can even combine farmhouse door and other feature to Scandinavian style. The exposed beams can be painted white so the sleek Scandinavian look is totally achieved. Besides, the velux skylights provide magnificent light.

4. A Motorized Phantom Retractable Screen Wall

Source: farmhouseroom.com

The next combination style is about some outstanding features, such as the square windows, a porch and industrial bronze metal roof. It is proven that this style may spend higher budget but it trully deserves what it gets. A motorized Phantom retractable screen wall is both functional and beautiful to get a bug-free outdoor escape at home.

5. A Sliding Barn Door

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This feature has become one of the most popular modern farmhouse style recently. You can combine this sliding barn door with industrial lighting, exposed brick wall, and expansive windows.

6. Cherry TruStile Modern Collection Doors

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This feature has the bronze door hardware that will bridge the modern and rustic style.

7. The Floating Staircase

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An open floorplan house might have this feature. This stair is made from wood and cable railing. Its simplicity completes the modern design as the wood feature shows another level of rustic feel.

8. Inset Shaker Style Cabinetry

Source: luxidecor.com

It provides both modern and classic design. Complete the look by some other accents, such as modern patio doors, painted brick wall, and oversize commercial lighting.



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