9 Guide to Design and Apply Vintage Room Décor for Your Living Room

Living room is a place where all family members spend their time together. Designing and decorating a living room might be so much fun as there are always countless ideas to adopt and apply, including the vintage room decor. Bold floral prints and art decor figures can be a trendy and quirky.

Adopting some quirky and modern style is a possible way, as each gives you the chance to transform even a dull room and furniture into lively and colorful. This time, we want to give some guidance of how to get the ideal vintage room decor to welcome the warmth and excitement.

The first guide is about how to choose the right vintage furniture:

1. Purchasing New Items is Fine as Long as They Look Vintage

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For lower cost possibility, the secondhand items or flea market would be preferable.

2. Decide Which Era You Prefer To Focus On

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As there are some ranges of time to be concerned of. For example, if you love getting the sixties look, then you should choose bold patterned upholstery. While the sixties look is more about art deco style.

3. Each Vintage Item is Usually Put as A Focal Point

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The characteristics are mostly abstract, visually striking, or one of a kind.

The second guide is the rules of vintage room decor:

4. Each Era Has Different Characteristics and Rules

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But for generally speaking, vintage decor is all about bright colors and bold patterns.

5. The Common Characteristics of Vintage

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colors are yellow, avocado green, black, red, white, or other vibrant hues. Actually there are no specific color combinations, so you can work on it as much as you like.

6. Various Textures

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Coming from the shag rugs, crushed velvet tapestries, etc. Do remember that texture has similar importance to the visual beauty.

7. The Most Common Type of Flooring

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for vintage room decor is wood or tile, especially the ones with the checkered tile. If those are not your cup of tea, you can replace them with laminate or neutral colored stone.


The last guide is for vintage home decorating.

8. Be Creative

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Go with vibrant and whimsical prints for your throw rugs and pillows. Avoid creating a chaotic effect. There is no restriction of how many items you can put on one room. As long as they look comfortable and homey, you just go with it.

9. Wall Arts

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This one refers to your own preference whether you need to create them by yourself or purchase some.



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