2 DIY Mirror Frame Ideas Under $20 for Beginners

Mirror is a double duty feature at home, or at anywhere it is. There are some considerations while deciding to choose a mirror, including the size, shape and frame. The following DIY mirror frame ideas may give you some inspiration to give an instant update to your room with some dollars.

1. Gold Dipped Mirror Frame

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This idea needs at least $15 and one hour of the process. Some essentials you need are cheap mirror (in whatever the shape and size), 1×3 boards, measuring tape, miter saw, loaded staple gun, wood glue, wood filler, sandpaper, paint or stain, gold spray paint, liquid nails & caulk gun, and a painter’s tape. And here are the step by step to make:

Separate the mirror and its frame, Measure and cut the boards off, Lay the four pieces on a flat surface, This time you need to use the wood glue to glue them together and staple them in place, Start to stain or paint, In this step you need to sand any remnants left, Cover the part of your frame using painter’s tape, Leave the only spot to be dipped,

Spray paint gold, Let them dry for at least an hour, Lay them facing down and apply liquid nails around the edges. Let them dry.


2. Round Mirror Frame

Source: decoratorist.com

This project needs at least 2 hours and costs $20. The tools you need are miter saw, a jigsaw, handsaw, pneumatic nail gun/ hammer, 1 ¼” course pocket hole screws, and kreg jig. While the materials are a round mirror, a board, saw tooth picture hanger, mending plates, ½” wood screws, and 2” finish nail. And here are the step by step:

Source: inrosstroy.ru

Cut off the frame sides using a miter saw according to your cut list, Arrange the frame pieces into a circular frame, Finish dry fitting the frame pieces, Make some registration marks on each joint, Mark the pocket hole on the backside of each piece, Drill the pocket holes using a Kreg Jig, Repeat to each frame piece, Assemble all the frame pieces using wood glue along the edge Assemble the remaining frame pieces using wood glue and 1 1/4” pocket screws, Create a center point by marking a pivot point, Prepare to mark a pain stick, Drill some holes at each line of pain stick, Position the scrap book under your frame, It will be the pivot point, Draw the inner circle to the closest to the pivot point, Rotate the paint stick around and you will get the first circle, Repeat to the second circle, Cut the inner circle using a jigsaw, Cut the outer circle, Mark and cut the frame boarder, Followed by trimming them using a handsaw, Attach the border pieces, the hanger, and mount the mirror.



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