3 Easy Guidelines to Arrange the Wall Decorations for Living Room

We may concern of all things and forget that we have a large blank wall in our home. You may consider to let them be, but you better not. Get a move on and create something remarkable. Wall decorations for living room and other rooms are giving you a great way to express yourself. They can transform your empty wall into getting a personal vibe. To make it easier to start, follow the following guide:


1. Location

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You have determine where you have to put your wall art, to be specific in what room and in which wall? Furthermore, it is important to consider the size of a wall decoration that can enhance the room. If you aim to create a dramatic entrance, a large piece will be recommended facing the entry point or a doorway. This arrangement will drag attention of your guests while they are entering your front door. On the other hand, if you aim to create a beautiful backdrop, place one to the side of a gathering area. And if you aim to create a highlight, place one above the featured space.


2. Color

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The right color scheme will affect to your entire vibe of your room. First thing first, decide what your purpose is. If you aim to create a relaxing area, you may choose cool shades of greens or blues. Or if you need to create a bold statement, rich tones will work better, such as navy or purple. On the other way to make your room fun and stand out, choose bright red, orange or yellow. Make sure that the color shade of your Wall decorations for living room is cohesive to the overall color palette in the room.


3. Get Inspired by The Seasons

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Adding a wall decoration is way cheaper and faster to transform a room. If you don’t get any idea of the ones you should pick, try looking at the seasons. They can be perfect guide to your wall art: (a) Fall. It provides a warm feeling. Get this vibe by choosing the color of gray, orange and brown; (b) Winter. This season gives you an elegant look. You can see it in the shades of blue and charcoal; (c) Spring. This season is about happy and bright feeling. Create this vibe inside your room by using vibrant colors; (d) Summer. This season s about the color of beach and ocean, such as red and yellow.



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