5 DIY Rugs Ideas without Crochet Skills Needed

It is undeniable that the rugs area gives you extra comfort and warmth. Though some people may not think it is essential but it has functional and aesthetic in a home. Hunting the right rugs is not that easy. Similar to hunting for other essentials, looking for the proper rugs may take time and consideration, such as the right size, style and price range.

To cover all those considerations, you can start creating the DIY rugs below:


1. Place Them Together

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If you have wider rug area but a single rug does not cover it much, you can place two or more rugs using single sided carpet seaming tape. This is the easiest way to create DIY rugs at home. You can combine your old rugs with the new one to create unique rug.

2. Faux Fur

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In the making of this faux fur, there are no animals hurt. In the market, you can easily find some faux fur that fits to your style and price range. You don’t need to reach deeper into your pocket just to have this faux fur. Besides, there are some options to choose. From faux suede to the extra luxurious ones.

3. Ball Rugs

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This is fun and easy to make. It will be perfect for kids room or even living room. The colorful balls bring the fun nuance inside the room.

4. Tees Rugs

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By creating these DIY rugs, you don’t need to go to the store. As you just need your used plain t-shirts. You can start choosing which one you will use for this project, and cutting them into strips. You can follow the steps on the crochet pattern.

5. Cutted Rugs

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This time, you will create so simple and easy crochet project. You don’t even need to learn crochet skills. Al you need is a bed sheet a cardboard. The cardboard is used to hold the end of the fabric strips whilst weaving. At the beginning, you may find the color of the fabrics will look full of mess, but you will get it better at the end.

DIY rugs can be fun applied at the spare time. If you don’t have any enough spare time to start, you can give it 10 minutes each time. Don’t count until you get it finished. All materials should be compiled together in the crochet bin, so you will find them easier. Just be patient and enjoy the process.



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