5 Low Maintenance Home Landscape Idea You Cannot Ignore

As many people believe, home landscape idea frames the architectural features. Whether it is good or bad, it always has ability to highlight the house before entering. Some people may be worried of spending too much money on creating the home landscape. Besides, they feel the same to the high maintenance costs.

As you should know, there are always ways to make everything easier. And here are some low budget and low maintenance home landscape idea you can copy to your home:

1. Mini Water Feature

Source: topzdesign.com

Water feature, in any size, always raises the calming and relaxing nuance to the surrounding. It can be fountain, waterfall, or pond. And size always follows your available space. If you are looking for a classic vibe, a small pond with water lilies can be your best choice. Thus, if you are looking for modern look, the waterfall big big rocks are best. The water features are not only giving you the calming look but also relaxing sound. For small space, choose the ground overs to highlight the water feature without looking too crowded.

2. The Natural Waterfall

Source: pinterest.co.uk

This natural vibe is able to be combined to your modern home design. The natural color of large rocks and pebbles complete the look. They look natural yet modern at the same time. In limited space, you can still feel the water sound. The herbs will add the feel and scents. If you are having larger space, add one or two large trees.

3. Box Fountain

Source: www.pinterest.ru

This modern one is always fascinating to boost the contemporary style through your home. As if it welcomes your guests to your small palace. You may see various palaces around the world having this kind of box fountain. And now you can copy the small version of it. To get the modern vibe, black, gray or white color of materials are suitable.

4. Recirculating Waterfall

Source: pinterest.fr

This is not-so modern style of water feature though it applies to any style of home. Add a frog statute to mark your territory. This style of water feature needs larger space. Or if you have smaller space, you can initiate some adaptations, such as adding the small frog statute with not-so large waterfall and pool. Or you can replace them with the ready to install miniature of water fountain.

5. A Large Turquoise Bowl Fountain

Source: ro.pinterest.com

You can see the other side of water aquarium in here. Complete the look by growing some flowers in the surrounding. The effects will be fascinating, further if you add the lighting fixtures at night. Marvelous!



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