5 Smart Lighting Backyard Landscape Design for Outdoor Party

Backyard landscape design can be amazing if you are creating them differently. For daily use and party, there must be some differences. After experiencing the cold season, having a late snack in the warmer nights are tempting. Yards and gardens have been the most favourite spots to spend the nights with family and friends.

By now, you can start learning on how to light up your lighting backyard landscape design for party. To make it short, here are some tutorials to create wonderful effect on backyard:

1. Patio Lighting With Globe Lights

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You need the strings above your patio to hang the bulbs. The number of bulbs you need are depending on your need and preferences. The more you add the bulbs, the more dramatic your backyard will be.

2. Backyard Light Columns

Source: uphomeideas.info

This time, you will need three simple materials to create the geometric backyard light columns. You will love how it looks and reflects the light to the water/ pool. For giving extra touch, some balloons may be added to the pool either.

3. Backyard Light Idea With Candles

Source: gartendekoideen.com

You need some Mason Jars this time. We are creating the Mason Jar candle lanterns. Afterwards, hang them from trees to the patio roof. This idea boosts romantic feel in the surrounding. You can make it perfect for private dinner party with close friends.

4. Mason Jar Garden Lighting

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If you are getting bored of a common Mason Jar lighting idea, then this one will make you enjoy. All you need is the candles, Mason Jar and ropes. You can start hanging them on the wooden fence randomly. This brings you the rustic effect on the backyard. If you are afraid of using the candles, try replacing them with the LED candles.

5. Lighted Cube Tables

Source: reparasiandroid.com

I guarantee you this one will bring joy and happiness. This lighted cube table will maximize the use of patio lights better. This is perfect for bigger party while everyone needs to look awesome though they are craving for food and beverage.

Source: pinterest.ru

Holding an outdoor party is something challenging, especially if you have pool. Some may be confuse and have no idea of the decoration should be put on there. By hanging the lighting backyard landscape design, you are free of thoughts. Moreover, you can put them on your kids’ party at the evening. The colorful confetti will add the festive nuance along with the other cheerful accessories, such as rainbow cakes, colorful bottles, and others.



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