5 Super Easy Home Landscaping Idea with Rocks

As a homeowner, having the interesting home landscape is a dream. The home landscaping idea vary according the theme and budget. Some homeowners like combining each style and material to create unique landscape. One of the materials commonly used for home landscaping is rock. Rocks can be displayed as subtle and soft structure but also can be hard and strong.

To help you choose the most perfect rock for home landscaping, here are some ideas to see:

1. A Rock Retaining Wall

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In this idea, you have to use large rocks. This is kind of simple and easy DIY that you can do with large river rocks or boulders. The size of the rocks depends on the size of the wall you intended. The smaller yard you have, the smaller rock should be used. Before defining the size of the rocks, measure the space you have.

2. Rocks For Flower Beds

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Some homeowners may choose the mulch over the rocks. But the fact says the contrary; the stones are last longer than mulch. Besides, stones are able to prevent soil erosion.

3. Choose Rocks Over Grass

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There are no rules that every house should grow grass. But if you prefer low maintenance, both budget and time, stones are better option. Choose the small stones to combine with shrubs and large pavers. The arrangement is referred to your liking (no specific rules).

4. Create Layered Look With Rocks

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The layered look can be created using small stones. The small stones are made as edging, which is as a border between the lawn and the flower garden, or along the pavers.

5. Large Rocks

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If you are intending to create the pathway to your front door, the large rocks are best considered. Doing this simple DIY project does not need specific types or size of rocks. It means, all styles, colors and sizes of rocks are allowed to use. Just arrange them in the way you love, whether it would be zigzag or straight.

That home landscaping idea above is the easiest and most popular among all. Rocks are available in various styles and sizes so that people are easy to create certain shape and style. Have you ever seen the star-shaped stones on someone’s yard? You can have it either. Just create the pattern you need to make, and choose the stones that fit to it. It usually demands small stones so that easier to arrange.



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