6 Techniques to Envision Your Backyard Landscape Lighting

Backyard landscape will never be completed without proper lighting. By installing external lighting for, you add the beauty and safety toward your home, especially your garden, entryway and walkway. Before deciding the lighting style or purchasing any lighting component, you need to find out what you really need, which is by walking by and taking a note. This simple trick is brilliant to envision your Backyard landscape system.

Whilst planning your landscape lighting, keep these things in mind you won’t go beyond border:Decide some parts or objects you need to light, Decide the appropriate lighting techniques, Decide the lighting effects you need to show, Choose the power supply, Chose the appropriate lighting fixtures, such as bulbs.

To help you envisioning the objects, here are some tricks you should do:

1. Spot Lighting

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The first aim of this spot or accent lighting is for highlighting your focal points, such as small shrubs, flowers, statuary, etc. This highlight boosts the beauty of your points.

2. Grazing

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This is the technique of placing or installing the lighting fixtures close to certain interesting objects. So it creates specific textures. You can put them on a masonry wall, a door, or wood shingles. Take a note that this grazing technique is not suitable for all surface, so you need to carefully choose the right objects.

3. Shadowing

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You can put the lights from front or below the objects or vertical surfaces. This is creating a statement over your intended objects.

4. Silhouetting

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Start this technique by installing the lights below or behind the bush and/ or tress. This one gives you mysterious and wondrously effect at dusk.

5. Underwater Lighting

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While you are having a backyard pool, installing this underwater lighting will add the excitements. Besides for pool, this works well for fountain to create such dramatic effect.

6. Area Lighting

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This is to illuminate the board area. They are installed up in the trees or on the house. If you are aiming to illuminate the flower bed or pathways, you can install them close to the ground.

Backyard landscape techniques above can be easily installed if you find the right fixtures. To avoid doing mistakes, make sure you take a note every detail you want to add. For example, if you have a backyard fountain or pool and need to create dramatic effect, the underwater lighting should be chosen. There are various colours and shapes of bulbs. Just be sure that the installation is going to be correct.



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