6 Tricks to Decorate the College Apartment Room Ideas

Looking for college apartment is sometimes tiring and stressful. Even if the apartment you find is totally boring, but you can try making them look good and enjoyable. Below apartment room ideas are proof that every effort is worth it. Decor is everything when it comes to the makeover. Here are some ideas you should not avoid:


1. If You Are Into Retro Style

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If you have an old-fashioned apartment, then this vintage style is really into you. You must find out that old furniture and old-fashioned ones are rather different. Some college apartments must be old, the real old, but you can add a brand new furniture with retro (old-fashioned) style.

2. Make it Simple

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Avoid overcrowded room, especially if you have smaller one. Besides, simple furniture also saves you more money.

3. Lighting Ideas

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If you have small amount of money and small room, you can boost the ambiance by playing around with the lighting. The fairy lights may be your choice as they come in cheaper price and save more electricity bills. As long as you have enough and proper light to accompany you studying, it is okay then. Just make sure that the essential is covered.

4. Terrace

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For a college apartment, a chance to have a terrace is one in a million. It is rare but not impossible. If you are having a chance having one, the plants cover should be done. The vertical garden never fails to decorate any room, any budget. Just make sure to choose the easy maintenance plants so they won’t distract your time of study.

5. Think Pink

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Pink is coming back during this millennium. We can see millennium link everywhere since 2012. Though you are not a fan of pink, but a little touch of it is really worth to try.

6. Plant Your Plants

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In this modern era, greenery has been a new accessory to all types of housing and apartment. Horizontal and vertical garden is always finding the best way to start.

The college apartment room ideas above are written to help you out with small and old college apartment. You are lucky to leave out the dormitory and start living in the apartment. The new freedom of having your own room (or even with a roommate) is something to die for. It is like having freedom arranging everything you like and throwing away the trash you hate. So, it is okay to make mistakes, just try this and that so you get what you really like for your small college apartment.



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