6 Ultimate Keys to Create the Cottage Kitchens Look

The true cottage kitchen look can be got from installing the open shelving and light colors. Creating the cottage kitchen look does not mean spending lots of dollars. You can save more by removing the shelving doors and do the DIY project.


To start it all, here are some cheap tips to do:

1. Small-pane Windows and Doors

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The cottage style is about the light and airy. You should not mind of showing off your privacy here. So, keep up the work by installing the paned glass. While for upper cabinets, you can replace the wooden doors with glass-front ones. You can keep the privacy for certain area by installing some curtains.

2. Plenty of Patina

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The sanded paint will complete the well-worn look along with patina. The ultimate key to get the perfect cottage kitchen is by creating the imperfection, by the furniture, accessories and decoration.

3. Wood Flooring

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This is the authentic feel that should not be avoided at once. By installing the wood plank in the kitchen, the cottage look is simply there. Whether you choose the stained, painted, or natural finish, the wood flooring is a must. Don’t forget to always consult to the professionals so they stand up safely.

4. Beaded Board

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It is free to install the beaded board in the ceiling, cabinets, walls, island, and whatever. To bring the surprise effect, install the beaded board horizontally. To complete the look, crisp white paint adds them to another level. Try.

5. Bin-style Drawer Pull

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This one is giving you the general look of cottage style. Choose one style of bin-style drawer pulls for all the cabinet doors.

6. Fluffy Fabrics

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While seating on the cottage style kitchen, what would you expect? A real comfort to be sure. To create those looks and feel, you need to add extra comfort items, such as the fluffy fabrics, the cushioned seatings, etc. All those items are made to boost extra comfort to the home owners or anyone is relaxing there.

The cottage kitchen is one of a kind to bring you joy and comfort. As we all know, kitchen is a living place where most activities are taken place. Kitchen brings the family members to gather around. While preparing the meals, chattering around will be the best part of daily life. The extra comfort seating and working area will ensure everything is fine. Good food, good life. That is what we always want to have.



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