6 Which One Do You Prefer: Classic or Modern Farmhouse Furniture?

A farmhouse style is believed to give a warm-hearted vibe to the surrounding. Lately, the farmhouse style has been divided into two different yet connected sub-style, which are classic farmhouse (provides timeless elegance) and modern farmhouse (provides welcoming and timelessly fresh). Both have different style in each feature, including the farmhouse furniture.Historically, the creation of farmhouse style is due to practical living and furnishings. And before purchasing the ones, you should learn of the difference between classic and modern farmhouse furniture.

Classic farmhouse style. This one gives some trademark elements that cannot be found in modern one:


1. The Natural Wood Accent

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The classic farmhouse house commonly use barn boards for accent paneling, while the butcher blocks are for countertops.


2. Apron Sinks

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The classic version of farmhouse style, apron sink is made of porcelain.


3. Vintage Accessories and Furniture

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Though they are not coming in a perfect shape, a vintage one remarks beautiful and perfect for his classic style.


4. Traditional Fabrics, Such as Floral and Paisley.

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Modern farmhouse style. The modern version of farmhouse furniture is enhancing the comfortable and relaxed style with some modern touches, such as glossy accents, smooth lines and neutral color. Visually, the modern farmhouse furniture looks less rustic and more sophisticated with some contemporary elements, such as granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and sleek lighting.

After considering those characteristics, if a modern farmhouse is your preference, here are some guides to put them on your house:


5. Comfortable and Practical

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While entering your home, your accessories and furniture should welcome you, which means you feel comfortable to have them for daily use. You feel like having a tendency to spend your spare time there.


6. A Neutral Palette

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The modern farmhouse should have a fresh and open vibe. Cool and warms neutral shades can be your choice, they are beige, cream, gray and silver.

After understanding the differences between the two styles of farmhouse design, now is your turn to choose the most suitable for you and your family. Reconsider the way you do your daily life, whether it takes more time staying at home or not, etc. This consideration will give you the best cause.

If you are living in a small apartment, you better choose the modern farmhouse furniture. As we all know that a classic farmhouse needs larger space to place some wooden furniture and you cannot find them in a small apartment.

Be wise while choosing.



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