8 Clever Small Space Storage Ideas for Small Apartment Bedroom

Bedroom is a place to store your valuable items. Believe it or not, people tend to keep things close. Though they have had a great security system at home, bedroom still rules. This is what affect your bedroom looking messed up and totally crowded, more over if you are having such a small bedroom.

Small space storage ideas will give you a fresh air of how to hide all the clutters and you can enjoy resting peacefully. So, here are some clever hacks you need to copy:


1. Install The Shelves Along Your Bedroom Wall’s Perimeter

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This is the least-used space in ur apartment bedroom. And you can transform those blank wall into the storage. You can store some books, files, and other small pieces. The ideal size is 12” of wall below the ceiling.

2. Clip Binder Clips

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This one is perfect to be placed on your desk to hold the cords. Some of us may first skip this little thing but they can be very useful if we know how to do it. It can easily transform your messy desk into the clean one with additional space. This trick works well with a DIY charging box.

3. A Cloth’s Rack in The Corner

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Clothes are one that keep growing easily, whether realizing or not. And to accommodate those growing populations of clothes, you need to create a new cloth’s rack and place it in the empty corner of your bedroom.

4. Crown Molding As a Shoe Rack

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Deal with numerous heels will be easier applying this crown molding hack. The reason why it works well for heels is because their sole supports themselves against the wall. So, they won’t fall down.

5. A Headboard With Storage

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Create more than a regular bedroom. Create a double duty bedroom with storage in the headboard to store books, mementos, spare light bulbs, etc.

6. Hang The Laundry Hamper

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Hang them on the back of your bedroom door to make it invisible. You can buy this item in your local store or online shopping. It helps you a lot reducing the clutter on the floor or any corner.

7. Radiator For Shelf Space

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It is one of double duty Small space storage ideas. You can do a DIY project or just purchase a cover. Both are fine for safety and aesthetic aspect.

8. Yoga Mat on The Wall

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Are you doing yoga for daily basis? If so, please hang the mat right after by rolling it up into a soft cylinder.



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