10 Modern Minimalist Hallway Furniture Ideas

Modern hallway furniture is inspired by the neutral color and airy feel. Once you decide to decorate your hallway toward this modern minimalist style, you need to consider some aspects, such as:


1. Choose The Neutral Color Scheme

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As stated earlier, the illusion of airy space can be got from the neutral color scheme. The natural lights might be the ultimate aspect of modern style. Complete the look by adding a large mirror, white walls and the furniture that blends to the whole style.

2. Choose The Large Repeat Print

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This is about making a statement in your hallway. The combination of patterned and bright color wallpaper will be great for modern style. You may try something like botanical wallpaper with a hallway rug, or soft furnishings with eye-catching lampshade. By doing this tip, you need to make sure that you keep the tones similar.

3. Add The Contrast Colors

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This time, you may consider the dark shades among the lighter ones. If you are doubt of getting too dark and create the illusion of a narrow space, you can add a row of spotlights or pendants. The color tones that you can choose are grey and sage green. These on-trend color schemes work nicely with grey moss or wood ash.

4. Give An a Accent Feature

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You cannot paint the whole hallway with bright colors, but you can create an accent through it. Some accents can be hallway furniture, such as a colorful console table, etc.

5. Add a Vintage Wallpaper

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Every vintage thing relates to timeless style that will never fade away by the times. If your hallways has abundance natural light, giving a little touch of vintage will make it more beautiful. You can choose the intricate repeat-pattern wallpaper though.

6. Choose a Geometric Floor

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If you love having a contemporary feel oward your hallway, you may invest on the geometric floor tiles. This one will work perfectly with the mid-century hallway furniture.

7. Storage Solution

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Talking about the hallway storage solution, you need to combine something eye-catching yet practical. You can add a stylish bench with shoe storage, and give them extra style with artwork, house plants and a stylish runner.

8. Bold Patchwork Tiles

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To create larger illusion, sometimes you need to add something unique, such as the bold pathwork tiles. Besides, tiles are low-maintenance that make them good investment longer. While installing this patchwork tile, you can drag something like a cohesive color scheme. This is a perfect combination to create a modern twist.

9. Striking Lighting

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This is perfect for you having high ceilings at home. Make it as focal point on your hallway. If you love traditional touch, a glass chandelier might be a perfect choice. For modern touch, try the cleaner style of lighting.

10. Color Blocking

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This is one of the latest on-trend for a hallway. They work best for both small and large hallway as they create inviting space inside the hallway. As long as you don’t be afraid of the bold color scheme, you will get what you really need to show. For example, the combination of pop red and bright green will simply attract the eyes.



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