2 How to Choose Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting is one of the most important aspect, as it influences the way we work and spend our time there. But, most of the time, farmhouse kitchen lighting, as well as other lighting styles, is an afterthought in the remodeling project. People tend to think first of the appliances, cabinets, the countertops, and lighting is the last element to consider with a sliver of the budget left. In the end, they accept whatever it takes and ignore their capacity to improve the space.

For some people, kitchen is an entertainment area. And they love being there, doing something good for family or themselves. And mostly, the farmhouse kitchen lighting available is flooding the room that makes people tend to feel tired and uncomfortable.

To choose the right one, see some following tips:

1. Layers of Light

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You cannot make one light taking all the duties, such as for illuminating over the island, under cabinets, etc. You need to understand the basic layers of light; task (to illuminate the work space); accent (to highlight dimension to the environment); and decorative (to add such interest around).

2. Lift Up The Mood

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Kitchen influences people’s mood as well. That is why creating the right lighting will lift people’s mood and can be beautiful place to gather around. There are some lighting fixtures you should consider, they are pendants, translucent fixtures, different shaped lighting fixtures, lighting art, additional glow to cabinets, toekick lights, and undercounter lighting.

The farmhouse kitchen lighting is not only about the shape but also the color of bulb you have. If you prefer the traditional farmhouse style, then you need to go for warmer light. On the ther hand, modern farmhouse style needs cooler one. Thus, as long as you have unpolished wooden materials, you can create farmhouse style anywhere, including for kitchen lighting.

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In the kitchen, one lighting cannot work for any tasks as mentioned above and to create farmhouse look, play with those number of lighting fixtures. Let’s make an example of the decorative one: chandelier. You can even create your own farmhouse chandelier using wire, wood  and bulbs. You can find various DIY projects on the internet. Chandelier is kind of focal point that should be stood out by itself.

For more, while you are planning to remodel your kitchen, consider to make the fixture lighting as priorities, as well as other elements. So will never get the lighting features left behind.



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