3 How to Organize your Dining Room Cabinets

If you are thinking that your dining room is no longer suitable for its main function as lack of storage space, you need to find some solutions for dining room cabinets. Go for its main function: to store things so the dining room is reasonably clear.

Mostly, dining rooms are having less storage system, such as a closet. From now on, as you might have numerous items to store in the dining room, add some pieces of furniture, such as drawers and shelves. Here are some ideas for dining room cabinets:

1. China Corner Cabinets

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This kind of furniture provides both beauty and functional aspect. So you can display some items as well as store them. Usually, they are taller than buffets and sideboards, so it gives you more space to display your favorite china. Some people may have loads of collection of China that need to be shown off. It is fine, but make sure the size of China storage is suitable for the size of your dining room. If you have more budget, you may think of purchasing the costumed ones, so your collections will be displayed well and safe.

2. Wall Storage

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This one is especially for smaller dining room. Find some beautiful cabinets to be secured on the wall. If you are willing to display your glasses and other items, find the cabinets with glass doors. If you have numerous items, find the cabinets up to the ceiling. They have more space for your stuffs. Whether you need to repaint or rebuild the doors with glass, it is your choice. Just make sure that they suit to your home design.

3. Linen Storage

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Linens are commonly used for special occasions, such as Christmas, birthday, etc. You can store them in a china cabinet, buffet, or drawer. Something like napkins, tablecloths, placemats, glasses, cutlery, china and more need to be stored correctly and carefully. If your drawers are full, try using the wall cabinets.

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Organizing the dining room cabinets is pretty easy as long as you sort things according to its type and function. Furthermore, if those tips above are not your cup of tea, regarding to the budget, you may be creative by replacing them with some storage you already have. So, you don’t need to buy the new ones if you can find some replacement. As long as you keep the items in place and make your dining room tidy, everything is fine.



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