6 DIY Wall Hanging Ideas to Boost Daily Mood

Having empty walls might be frustrating. You need some refreshments, such as adding the DIY wall hanging. Bringing the DIY wall hanging into your home is not about your style, but about giving life to the wall.

Keep reading, so you will get some customized DIY ideas for your wall:

1. A Large-scale Art

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This one fits to any size of the room, including the small one. You can try something like a vibrant abstract paint or black-and-white minimalist photo. By adding this oversized painting, you drive the guests’ attention to it.

2. A Gallery Wall

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This gallery wall gives you both color and personality. The arts and photographs could be the best option to start with. Thus, the frames should be in simple and cohesive ones. For you having small space, create illusion of a larger one by extending it to the ceiling.

3. An Accent Wall

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While thinking of the DIY wall hanging, you should think of creating an accent wall, which by choosing one of the decorative paint techniques. It could stenciling, add the wallpaper, an accent wall, etc. While doing this technique, try transforming your ceiling either and see the impact you have made.

4. Showcase Fabric

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The vintage scarves can be a unique wall hanging for your home. It gives you both color and pattern, so the room looks soft and pretty. Besides, this one is super easy to do and remove while you need a change.

5. Mirror

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Several small salon style mirrors are the best choice beside the oversized mirrors. Both offer bigger and brighter effect to your home. This one is such a neutral wall hanging that can be hung anywhere and in what style.

6. A Mural

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A mural will describe what your style is in a beautiful way. You can choose painting a scenery mural or something speaking about your hobbies, personality, or style.

Adding the DIY wall hanging to your room boosts your moods better. Doing everyday life is like on a roller coaster. There must be something to be afraid of. And by getting the DIY wall hanging inside your home, you might feel better and think clearer. Let’s make an example so you can imagine what we are talking about here. While you are having beach-themed wall mural, and you have winter outside. What will you feel inside your home? It must bring warmer effect, don’t you think? And those feelings increase your level of productivity.



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