6 Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing the Proper Front Door Paint Colors

The front door is the first this people see while they are coming to your home. It is true that the front door paint colors should follow the owners’ style; but some tips will help creating the standout front door paint colors. Here are some dos and don’ts:

1. Do: A Neutral Hue

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This one never gets wrong. Something like black, brown and gray will fit for any time. Other classic colors that are counted as neutrals are navy blues and deep reds. If you are not into colorful front door, you may stain your wood door to show off the natural material.

2. Don’t: Afraid of Bright Colors

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Painting the front door is like giving an accent to your home, so don’t be afraid giving it the bright color. You can make a little bit experiment here. If you love something bright, why don’t you try with a splash of yellow, lime green or orange? On the other hand, if you admire the dark color, try the color of eggplant, burgundy or forest green.

3. Do: Choose The Proper Paint

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As they will be exposed on the outside. The proper paint will last longer and prevent fading and peeling earlier. You can choose latex exterior paint as it is weather resistant. But whatever the paint you choose, make sure you use primer first. To be noted that the exterior paints have various types, they are semi-gloss, finishes-matte, glossy, and so on. Each of them has different benefit, for example a glossy finish is bringing out the detail of your door.

4. Don’t: Forget of Your Screen Door

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If you are having a screen door, you can use a contrast hue, such as the pastel colors, etc. Make sure that the color choice you choose lead the visitors to your door.

5. Do: What is Your Home Style?

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As mention earlier, the best way to choose the front door paint colors is by looking at the overall style of your home. Modern style tends to welcome a bold and unusual color, and the traditional style uses the opposites. Just remember that you don’t need to always follow the rule. Breaking the rule is sometimes challenging and beautiful.

6. Do: Consider The Surrounding

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Besides looking at your overall home style, you also need to look around at the surroundings for inspiration. There are some tones that work together and create harmony in the nature, such as browns, greens, blues, whites, and so on. Choosing the right color that represents the landscape around will be more memorable for some people.



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