6 How to Build and Install the DIY Wood Fences

Before starting your DIY wood fences project, you need to get some preparation, such as:

Every nation has different regulation of the fence style, size and placement. So, you need to check your local guidelines, Determine if you need a permit, Understand the property lines of yours and discuss it with your neighbors, Create a layout plan, Create the location of the gate posts, Draw your fence plan using the graph paper. Save this plan as some towns require this one to approve the building permi, Consider the gate hardware.

After getting those pre-preparation of DIY wood fences project, you could start it out. And here are the step by step that you can follow:

1. Bring The Layout and Post Locations Into Reality

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At this step, you need to mark out the post locations and layouts using string and batter boards.

2. Dig The Post Holes and Set Up The Fence Posts

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This time, you need to read the guidelines as sometimes there are some codes for the depth should be below the frost line. Every region has different frost line.

3. Install The Rails of The Fence

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You can start this step by marking the location of fence rail you need, continue installing the rails, and attach the rails to the rest of the fence.

4. Install The Pickets of The Fence

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Keep them in the correct size by keeping the top at similar height.

5. Build and Install The Fence Gate

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6. Finish and Maintain The Fence

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Before staining and painting your fence, you need to wait for a few months so they dry completely.

This DIY wood fences project needs further attention to the safety matter, such as:

  • While handling the wood, you should wear the eye protection and a dust mask.
  • After working with wood, wash your hands.
  • Follow the regulations of disposal system of waste and sawdust.
  • You are not allowed to burn the pressure-treated wood.
  • You are not allowed to use the pressure-treated wood as mulch.

After following those steps, you will find that doing the DIY wood fences needs some energy and dollars. You cannot spend one day to finish all those steps. Besides, you are asking for helps of some professionals or whoever are willing to.

Everyone who needs to build a fence also needs to read more about the wood preservatives and pressure-treated lumber. Go the the EPA website to read more details. As it will be more difficult while you are breaking the regulations.



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