6 Popular DIY Outdoor Kitchen Plans 2020

Do you like holding an outdoor party? If so, you need to step up your entertaining area by creating an outdoor kitchen on the deck, yard and patio. By having this outdoor kitchen, you make an area for a refrigerator, a grill, an oven and a sink. Besides, adding some storage system, such as cabinets and counters. The following DIY outdoor kitchen plans allow you to learn how to build a fun outdoor barbeque party, starting from creating rooms for preparation and storage.

1. The Outdoor Kitchenette On The Patio

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If you are having a patio, then you can go with it. Add some concrete counters, cabinets, a refrigerator, a built-in grill, and a sink. To add somewhat entertainment statement, go for a TV, extra shelving and fun decor. You can hardly imagine how this small space can turn into a lot of fun area to gather with family and friends.

2. DIY Outdoor Kitchen Plans On a Deck

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This plan will give you fresh air by the weekend as they offer a different ambiance to enjoy your meal together.

3. Outdoor Kitchen Build

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If you are having a large concrete patio, you can get this plan. Some ultimate elements that need to be added including the Big Green egg, a refrigerator, a grill and a small hot water heater. As the space is larger, you can get the counter space and the space of the sink wider to make easier preparation. Don’t forget to add some entertainment keys, such as a ceiling fans, a dining room table and a large TV. This is a more complete version of kitchenette.

4. Wood Fired Pizza Oven by The Backyard

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The wood-fired pizza oven might be the most popular item for every outdoor kitchen plan. Everyone needs to build an outdoor kitchen might want this item to be included. You can get it by building a cinder block base and give it a shape with a brick dome and wooden frame. For decorative purpose, the stone could be added on the outside of the oven.

5. Serving Cart

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This one is suitable for on-a-budget or small DIY project. A serving cart, completed with the wooden countertop is a perfect choice. Place it beside the grill to get all in one function, such as preparation space, a serving area and additional storage.

6. Storage Cabinet Ideas on The Patio

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Start the project by purchasing the base cabinets and finish the look by adding the scrap cedar. The tiles top and cement board are also following items to add.



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