6 Types of Porch Lighting Fixtures You Have to Know

Porch Lighting livens up the façade and outdoor space. There are some reasons for installing the Porch Lighting; whether for security, aesthetic, or other reasons. Whatever your reason is, choosing the right outdoor lighting has to understand how they can integrate to the building and surrounding. By understanding this aspect, you can easily see the contrast and shadow to get beautiful yet inspiring space.

Before installing the Porch Lighting, you better set your primary goal: whether you need to add drama, identify the key features, or create a clear pathway? To help you out of this, here are some outdoor lighting fixtures you should know:

1. Path Lights

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This is very common for landscape lighting. They are made of a light caped with a diffuser. There are some ways to install this type of light, such as along the driveway, around a pond or lining a pathway.

2. Hanging Lights and Ceiling Lights

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They are usually installed in the damp locations that are not exposed by the rain water. They come in brighter fixture and mostly integrated in a surface. There are various types of brightness you can choose.

3. Wall Lights

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This type of light can be mounted in vertical surface. This is very popular as its durability and attractiveness. This one is very ideal for Porch Lighting as their main function is for providing accents lighting for decorative purposes. So, if you are looking for focus and bright lighting, then this one is not for you.

4. Post Lights and Pier Mount lights

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This lightings is purposed to be mounted on the top of a structure, such as for gates, entries, around a deck, and fences. As they are built for open area, so they are wet rated, which means they stand to the direct exposure to moisture and rain. Furthermore, pier Mount lights are more like post lights that are mounted on the top of the walls or columns.

5. Landscape Lights

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They come in low voltage system. You can combine this light to highlight your trees, arts, sculpture, and other architectural features.

6. Deck and Step Lights

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This one is for safety reason and to give accent to the architectural features. Besides, they are also great for lighting up the stone walls or entertainment spaces.

As there are some types of Porch Lighting and each of them has different function, you must be able to deliver which one fits to your needs.



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