7 DIY Bathroom Storage for Clean and Clear Bathroom

Bathroom storage has important role. This issue is becoming more complicated if you have smaller bathroom. Feeling weird as there are other left storages for bathroom items. Make yourself at ease. We have found some DIY bathroom storage hacks to help you deal with smaller bathroom and other storage issues.

Here we go:

1. Toilet Paper Shelf

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The basic material you need to buy or make is a deep picture frame. Mount them in certain spots to hang toilet paper and small items. This storage hack allows you to avoid clutter in the bathroom due to various small items. If you have desired color, you can easily repaint them as you want. Just make sure that you place them in the right spot, commonly it should be near the toilet as you keep the toilet paper there.

2. Back of Cabinet Doors

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The basic material is the metal mesh bin. You can put them on the inside of the cabinet. Use them to store the trash bags, cleaning supplies, and so on. For more, you can install one inside the vanity cabinet so you can store extra shampoo, soaps, and hairdryer.

3. PVC Holsters

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You may hate seeing the messy curling iron and hairdryer on the vanity. Now you can create a hack to store them; using the PVC. Before cutting the PVC, you better measure the length of your curling irons and the diameter of PVC you will need to be. Another tip is to let your curling iron cool before stowing them away.

4. Additional Shelf Over The Towel Bar

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The glass shelf is a better choice to storetoiletries and decorative items. Tips before installing this additional shelf is by making sure that you give them proper distance between the shelf and the towel bar, so you will easier get the towel.

5. Swinging Trash

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This hack is solving your trash problem in the bathroom and hide the clutter or unwanted trash.

6. A Basket

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In the household, baskets have kind of irreplaceable thing. You name it in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and so on. Besides having the ability to store items, baskets are great to do a magic by turning your home style into rustic vibe. For bathroom usage, you can make them to store your clean towels.

7. Wire Shelf

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Besides giving you extra storage, the wire shelf unit hides the dull wall. You can call it as additional decorative shelf. And you can repaint them too.

So, which one will you do first?



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