7 Smart Ways to Add Rustic Lights into Your Home

Trends on the home decor are constantly changing. Every season offers different style and characteristics, including the lighting. One of the most popular lighting styles this decade is rustic Lights. Any simple change in the lighting style influences the entire look of the room, realize it or not. The rustic light can be done in some ways. Let’s check them out:


1. Accept The Flaws

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Talking about home design, someone mostly wants something to look perfect. In fact, it does not have to be. Some flaws give your home more homey and comfortable. Rustic or vintage decor and lighting is all about character and the life of an item. In this case, the price of things are not the most worthy but the history or the value behind those things are. As such, you simply just have to display what it originally is, without repainting or varnishing.

2. “Filament” Bulbs

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First thought of the rustic Lights, some of us may think of the filament bulbs. If you do the same, better think twice. Using filament bulbs are inefficient: they are terrible for environment and have shortest lifespan. You can still get those looks by replacing them with the LED bulbs! The better replacement for environment and money.

3. Warm Lighting

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Lights have divided into some spectrums, which define their types. There are warm lights and cool lights. The warm lights are coming from the spectrum ranges of reddish yellow light, while the cool lights are natural daylights. Both of them drop totally different effects to the surrounding. For bringing rustic or vintage style into your home, make sure you choose warm bulbs or the ones having the options of changing colors.

4. Be Creative

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It means you can get everything oldies out of the storage box. Whether you find an old mailbox, old paper towel holder, and even a grain sieve? Reuse them, such as for being the chandelier.

5. Be Careful While Mix and Match With The Modern Lighting

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Somehow, this can be tricky though. Modern lighting fixtures may give you more efficient and cheaper price, but somehow the type of illumination is not proper for vintage style in particular.

6. Avoid Direct Lighting

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Simply, the direct lighting is suitable for modern style; while indirect lighting is perfectly suitable for vintage or rustic lights. Getting the indirect lighting will create the most comfortable ambiance around compared to direct ones.

7. Be Industrial

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Do not afraid to expose the pipes and gritty fixtures. It has become a massive trend!



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