8 DIY Christmas Centerpiece Projects for Festive Vibes

Christmas and other festive celebrations must provide some centerpieces. They are created in various ways to create beautiful yet delicious ones. The Christmas centerpiece itself can be fruits, flowers, candles, greeneries, or combination between them. Though Christmas has been over, but the festive feeling still remains until upcoming months.

So if you still have party or celebrations to hold, check the following Christmas centerpiece ideas:

1. Cranberry Candles

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A red rectangular serving dish is a basic to put on the cranberries and votive candles (make sure you are choosing the ones with Christmas colors). The last touch is by adding the pine twigs and artificial snow. This simple centerpiece looks pretty and stand out at night.

2. Winter White

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This is not only for Christmas centerpiece but also for winter theme party. Compile some white flowers, such as white chrysanthemum and white pine branches. A wooden bowl is a basic to support them all. Don’t forget giving a touch of light by giving the candles in the center of them. Arrange each item on the wooden bowl according to the types.

3. Holiday Tiers

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Do you have big family members? Then this is for you though. Display the Christmas cakes or cards on the tiered stand and decorate them using ornaments, artificial red and green gifts.

4. The Silver Bowl is Becoming The Basic For This Arrangement

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The bright colored ornaments are put on them. Start this project by placing the bowl on a cake stand and complete the look with Holly and evergreens.

5. Sparkling Accents

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The repurpose candles holders and tiny planters are great basic materials to start from. Add the greens and pinecones. This charming centerpiece gives you beautiful rustic vibe.

6. Red and White

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A rectangular glass vase is filled with beautiful red carnations. Continue the project by attaching the candy canes to the vase and finishing touch by mint and ribbon. You can glue the attachment using hot glue gun.

7. Woodland Vibe

Source: aleshelzait.co.il

In this project, you need to make the live moss around the focal point. Thus focal points can be a mound of stones or a log. Add the finishing touches, such as pinecones, votive candles, glass vases, and tapers. As you should know that moss will stay green for weeks. So, it saves your time for maintenance.

8. Clear Glass Beauty

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If you love clear and clean look, this one should be chosen. The tinted glass bottles can be the best focal point. Fill those bottles with greenery, small glass balls and boxwood.



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