8 On Trend Rustic Bathroom Vanities 2020

For some people, rustic can save more money. As you can freely use some inexpensive furniture, such as the unfinished wood, nature prints, etc. Replacing your furniture with rustic bathroom vanities also provides different style at once. There are lots of styles of rustic bathroom vanities you can choose the one you like.

The following are some ideas of rustic vanities you could consider, which one is the best choice for your bathroom:

1. A Wood Vanity

Source: kitchendecor006.blogspot.com

Rustic is identical to wood, it is undeniable. If you need to add the rustic vibe into your bathroom with a single furniture, then this wood vanity will work best. The one with variegated wood tones will make you lose all worries as you can build it by yourself. All materials you need are reclaimed wood. Just measure the right size and start working.

2. A Semi-modern Vanity

Source: pinterest.es

If you are admiring a spa-like bathroom, then this one might suit you the most. You can combine the simple rustic vanity with modern hardware. This style will never make your bathroom look too busy and heavy. If you are not into 100% pure rustic, this one is for you.

3. A Worn Edged Rustic Vanity

Source: mykaleidoscope.ru

This one is best for smaller bathroom. This open vanity boosts the rustic vibes around. Add the pipes for the vanity legs for extra rustic look.

4. A Half Open Vanity

Source: pinterest.ca

If you are having larger bathroom, you can try this half open vanity that will work well in whatever tiles against it.

5. An Antique Vanity

Source: cahaya.best

Rustic vanities are something you can get from the old furniture though. You can easily do some experiment by using your old furniture and turn them to be a vanity. Something like side table could be the first experiment to be done. Add a sink on top and you will get the new rustic bathroom vanities.

6. A Costumed Vanity

Source: pinterest.com.au

This is for you having the carpentry skills. By adding some customs, you will get a beautiful vanity that represents your style very well.

7. A Neutral Color Vanity

Source: omaliman.blogspot.com

Talking about rustic style does not mean the raw and unfinished wood. It is allowed to make your wood vanity be painted, especially in neutral colors. This idea will give you the accent toward your bathroom. The look will be lighter so you can be creative with other furniture around.

8. A Barn Door Vanity

Source: rie-world.com


As rustic and farmhouse style has always been interchangeable, you can do some mix and match, such as by bring the barn door vanity inside your rustic bathroom.



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