5 Full Transformation: Sleek Scandinavian Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Some kitchen makeover ideas are meant to help you creating something new and refreshing in this busiest place at home. The way you see the dream kitchen of yours defines your character and your preference on kitchen activities. This time, we need to prove that transforming the new lighting and white paint can make a big impact to the entire kitchen look.

Do not be afraid to do total transformation. As long as you get the basic line of your liking, go for them. And here are some kitchen makeover ideas to give you some vision:

1. Change The Vinyl Flooring Into Scandinavian Style

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Something like outdated decor might be worsening your mood to work on there, such as the old vinyl flooring. Try transforming this issue by refinishing it by wooden shelving, gray tile, and modern tools. The combination of those three elements build a new modern vibe into your kitchen better than before.

2. Replace The Old Bold Color Kitchen To Something Cleaner and Modern

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The old kitchen might contain bold colors, such as yellow in the entire walls, storage system and flooring. Start the transformation by replacing the storage system to the sleek open shelving in neutral color. Pick one thing as focal point, such as a mint green oven. It will look standout over the bright white space.

3. Change The Half-baked Accent Into Updated Focal Point

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The aforementioned outdated kitchen might be painted in bold color. In this case, it would be red in the entire elements. To transform those half-baked accents, we can do paneling to them so they look calmer and easier to look at. A modern kitchen might contain of nook and island, so these elements might be added.

4. Transform The Dark and Cramped Layout Into More Open Floor Plan

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The divided layout creates tight effect. Transform this dark version of a kitchen by breaking down the walls, if needed, the one behind the stove is included. Create an open space that is family friendly. Replace the old island with the new one with cabinets. This will help you store things to make everything look clear and clean.

5. Turn The Small and Old Storage System into Open Shelving

Source: mykaleidoscope.ru

The old wooden kitchen cabinets may look so bored and not lively. Transform this kind of storage system by replacing them with open shelving. Choosing the open shelving should be clever to store the clutter behind and show off the great bakeware. White and turquoise will freshen up your kitchen.



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