5 Guidelines to Combine Modern and Rustic Living Room Furniture

What do you expect while thinking of rustic style? You might recall something like a wooden ski lodge and dark timber. But, something should be kept in mind that rustic living room furniture is not only about dark timber and thick lines. Rustic living room furniture can be a feeling of love and warmth. An idiom of ‘the home is where the heart is’ describes the warmth of a rustic home. Being rustic means bringing the comfort in.

To fulfill those warmth and comfort feeling, you can start by using the old furniture and antiques. Find them in local flea market. Just make sure that you don’t choose the over-polished ones. To complete the rustic look, here are some smart guidelines you could follow:

1. Customize Your Own Rustic Staples

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The dark wooden flooring will be best paired with faux-stone wallpaper. Besides getting the real rustic items, such as a bold steel fridge and industrial pendant lights, you can go for the element of surprise, such as a gramophone or a Victorian table. Do not be afraid to arrange a customized one. Just add your personal taste and see whether it is suitable or not.

2. Add The Rustic Feature on Your Lounge

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Below a stone chimney, you can put the warm wood. The unvarnished wood elements could be best for TV cabinet and dining table. The warm accent is provided by a patterned woolen rug in the living room. As we need to add an element of surprise, you could go for something unique, such as a wildlife artwork. It could be the leather chair.

3. Build a Modern Fireplace And Wall in Stacked Stone

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The rustic living room furniture can be about bringing the outside materials to be an art inside your home. You don’t need to make 100% rustic. Do some magic by getting in some modern elements, such as modern bookcases and one-color couches. Prints and metallic ornaments will never lost their charms on rustic style.

4. Complete The Look of Your Wall in Stone

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If you are having privilege to own this wall in stone, complete the look by adding the wooden beams above, while the monochrome furniture will be best put below it. The combination of rustic and modern elements can be got from a floral chandelier.

5. Coat In Fur

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Create an accessory for your rustic living room furniture, such as a white rug and a light pendant.



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