6 Super Simple Rustic DIY Bedroom Ideas

Having a comfortable yet warm bedroom might be relieving. While we are less contented of the existing bedroom decor, it is possible to create DIY bedroom project with less cost and less energy.

And here are some ideas of DIY bedroom project you may need:

1. Architectural Artwork

Source: joyfullygrowingblog.com

Decide your own preference, which one do you like for your bedroom style, is it vintage, farmhouse, rustic, modern, etc.? If rustic is your style, you can take the one with some salvaged wood. Complete the look by adding some scrap trim pieces to the frame. So you have the custom built-in look!

2. Suitcase Table

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Do you have an old suitcase? Why don’t you turn it into something new, such as suitcase table? Start this project by looking for a small table and an old suitcase that have similar dimension. Continue by priming and painting them both with your color preference. The last step is by setting your suitcase open on the table and drilling some holes, then securing with screws. Just close the suitcase and you have done!

3. Brass Stencil Lampshade

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All materials you need for creating this DIY bedroom project are one wire-framed lampshade and brass letter stencils. The first step is by tearing off the fabric of the lampshade frame and wrapping up with the grosgrain ribbon. The second step is by punching the holes and tying those brass stencils onto the lampshade frame with ribbon or string. The last step is by placing the shade on the lamp, adding the chic bulb and finish!

4. Coastal Cottage Style Headboard’s Shutter

Source: newport-international-group.com

Start this project by painting the shutters and anchoring to the wall. If you are having neutral bedroom style, then this one should suit you best.

5. Display Board From The Mattress Spring

Source: pinterest.com.au

Leave those traditional memo boards and start creating something unique using mattress spring. The first step is by scrubbing the mattress spring. The second step is by painting them to a glossy hue. The third step is by securing them to the wall. And done! To hang the memo or pictures, use vintage clips, clothespins, rings, or whatever you like.

6. Upcycled Pillows

Source: pinterest.ca

You might have old sweaters, why don’t you take one and upcycle it? The first step to create this decorative pillow is by turning it inside out. The second is by placing the pillow into it to get the right measurement, so you could sew the right one. Done!



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