7 Christmas Home Decoration Ideas: Festive Window Decor

Christmas home decoration ideas are including various aspects at home, starting from the outside to the inside. Talking about the interior aesthetic for celebration, they must impress your guests. And when it comes to Christmas home decoration ideas, try overlooking to your windows. Windows deserve more attention either.

Windows can be told as dual face of our home, where people from outside can see them without entering our home. As well as our guests can easily see and admire our creativity to celebrate the joy season. So, why don’t we try decorating our windows to create more festive vibes?

1. White Branches

Source: pinterest.nz

If you are living in an apartment or in urban place, try this non-traditional look. The white branches decor gives you modern and fresh look over the mirror. And it is ideal for energetic urban people.

2. Bottle Brush Trees

Source: pufikhomes.com

This DIY is so charming and you can make them by yourself. Just spray paint the bottle brush to certain colors represent the trees, such as purple, brown, red, etc. Cut off the top of the brush to create a tree-like shape. This super easy DIY project gives a big impact to the entire window decor.

3. Heart-shaped Ribbon

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Christmas is about love and joy. Embrace this meaning by hanging the heart-shaped decor built from a red ribbon.

4. The Metallic Bells

Source: andthisisreality.com

As classic as it gets, jingle bells never get too old. This tasteful accent always reminds us all to the old Christmas while we were younger. It boosts up the holiday spirit like no others can do.

5. The Lights Galore

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More lights for festive vibes! Add this lights galore by a mix of multi-colored and warm white lights to a tall tree near the window. This is very eye-catching decor you will ever see. Tell people how exited you are by hanging this marvelous window decor. If you cannot find any tall tree around, your window is enough to gather all attentions.

6. A Wreath and Garland

Source: domnomore.com

If you are not into something minimalist, then you might be suitable for this one. The combo deal for Christmas home decoration ideas. Combining a small wreath and draping garland over the window. Don’t forget to add the red ball ornaments to complete the Christmas look. Though this one only can be seen from inside the home, make sure you consider the detail.

7. The Matching Wreath

Source: instaloverz.com

By hanging two matching wreath on each window is a clever trick to add a touch of greenery.



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