7 DIY Storage Outside Bench Ideas for Small Space

Outside bench is mostly used for spending more outdoor time while the weather is warm. Besides, for storing some essentials for outdoor spaces, especially if you are having small one. The storage outside bench is providing both stylish and functional furniture. By having this dual function furniture, you don’t need adding more furniture to store things.

The good news is you can build this storage outside bench by yourself. Are you loosing ideas? Here are for you:

1. The Bench of Dark-stained Wooden Board

Source: pinterest.se

This one is very simple and you can choose the color and size according to your liking. To start this project, you need to find out what size you want by measuring and cutting the boards off. The next step is by attaching them to each other, as well as to the legs. The last step is by painting your work. Done!

2. The Faux Louver’s Bench

Source: pinterest.at

This project is similar to the previous. Start the work by cutting scheme and continue by attaching the boards to each other. The finish touch is by painting them. At the first glance, creating this faux louver’s bench might seem complicated but it is just that simple. Just try then.

3. The Bench Box

Source: inboundmarketingsummit.com

The materials you need are plywood panels. This material is strong enough to keep what inside has saved while the bad weather is coming through. This bench box is suitable for a pool bench or any other kind that is near the water source.

4. A Bigger Bench Box

Source: tavernierspa.com

Basically, this one is a bigger version of the previous. You need some plywood to start this project and left them unfinished. As it is that easy, you don’t even need special skill to start. And this one is ideal for small or bigger space.

5. A Basic Wooden Board’s Box

Source: stunninghomedecor.com

Having a small outdoor space but still need something to be seated on? Go for this outside bench. You can build this one by creates or wooden boards box. Thus, a proper cushion can be added to create cozier seating spot.

6. X Leg Bench

Source: whitneyspencer.stokvideolar.com

Do you love something rustic and raw materials? Come for this one. Just build a regular X leg bench and you can leave the space under for storage (by placing some crates). To make it rustic, just stain it that way. But if you need something more subtle, paint it the color you like.

7. Plywood Box Bench

Source: pinterest.com.au


This one is ideal for smaller space to be placed in the corner. Just give a little color and some pillows to make it more comfortable.



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