8 Color and Furniture Ideas for Family Room

A family room should accommodate the favorite colors of every family member, as well as the furniture ideas. It needs to be realized that it is not easy, you need some plans and ideas covering all family member’s favorite. To help you doing this decorating plan, you can check these following color and furniture ideas:

1. Room Fusion

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This idea will balance all your family member favorite items, as it is including chic patterns and plenty of colors in one room. Start the plan by giving the bright hues that the children love, along with a mix pattern for giving the designer vibe for young adult preference. The fabrics should be durable and washable.

2. Wall Hanging

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A family room needs stylish walls to look at. You can dress your walls up by hanging arts or family pictures. They define your family or personality though.

3. Smart Furniture Placement

Source: in.pinterest.comModern home provides open space where is pretty family friendly where everyone can easily do whatever and see each other though. While a Mom is cooking in the kitchen, she still can look at their kids in the living room. This open space function may be reduced if you choose the wrong furniture placement. The key to keep everything balance and open is by keeping the distinct areas unified by similar color. While you are using a furniture to divide each zone, look at the color.

4. Light and Dark Furniture

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If you are looking for the furniture to stand up to stain, then go for dark furniture. On the other hand, if you are looking for an airy look, then go for light furniture. Or you can go for something that can bridge the entire design of the house, such as by choosing a rich chocolate color sofa paired with the room’s green color.

5. Smart Storage System For Family

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The next furniture ideas are about the storage system. Where there are kids, there must be more toys. You can store them within easy reach, such as the lower shelves, the chest, etc.

6. Be Comfortable

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You need to choose the furniture that is comfortable for lounging. Extra pillows will add the comfort.

7. Basement Lounge

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You can make a basement a super comfortable family room by giving some tricks. You need to paint the wall in a single color and give plenty of accent lighting.

8. Homework Station

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Creating this homework station can be done by adding a desk that is a part of the room.



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