4 How to Choose the Rights Rustic Vanity for Bathroom?

Who could ignore the charm of rustic vanity inside the bathroom? This furniture is a must have item to enhance the sense of warmth and comfort. Besides talking about its functional aspect, the aesthetic one matters as well. Plenty of color and design could be chosen and brought in line with your interior design and color theme.

The rustic vanity is not always 100% made of wooden materials. Today, there are also available customized vanity with mixing some style, including rustic and modern. They look more subtle and timeless together. But you might make sure having some characteristics of your desired theme so you won’t go beyond your own border.

And to help you finding the best fit rustic vanity for bathroom, follow these tips:

1. Timeless Elegance Vanity Never Goes Wrong

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Everyone might admit that rustic gives timeless elegance and work well in any style of interior design. You can find them in various different materials though. The best material for idyllic bathroom is the reclaimed wood. The unpolished and time-worn look always becomes the natural charm of rustic style. Another characteristic you should not ignore is the iron as an accent, such as the iron handles or sheets. The real classic vibe can be got by adding the copper basin on it. Hence, if you are worried of the water damage, you should choose the one coated with polymers, such as polyurethane.

2. Color Matters

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What do you think of rustic furniture? Raw materials? Brown color? Change its perspective as it is far beyond them. There are always various hues for rustic, such as blue, white, black and even green. Bring this bright color vanity as an accent in your bathroom. If you are really into rustic all the way, the black rustic vanity could do better as an accent.

3. Functionality Aspect

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This is the reason why we are installing the vanity, right? So this one should be considered at first. Take some considerations, such as whether you need additional drawers or the ones on top are enough, whether you need one or two basins, whether you need the small or bigger one, etc. After considering them, try to make a long investment which means you will not need remodeling it soon. That is why deciding very precise storage needs and style would do you a favor.

4. Size Always Matters

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The size might be proportional for your bathroom dimension. Be wise and set aside your ego while choosing the rustic vanity.



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