4 What to Consider Before Getting the Brick Fire Pit Ideas Into Reality

Build an outdoor fire pit and make it a destination. Some of the brick fire pit ideas on the internet or magazines would inspire you get into. Having an outdoor brick fire pit gives you and your family member or your guests a time to relax at the evening while enjoying food and drinks.

This time we would love to show some brick fire pit ideas other than the portable ones. The brick fire pit features are permanent and could complement a home and landscape better. You don’t need to be in a hurry while deciding a spot to build this one. Take the following considerations before starting this project:

1. The Ideal Location to Build The Pit

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As said it is an outdoor pit, it should be a patio, a yard, or a backyard. To build a more permanent with dramatic effect, you could try some custom-built pools and spas, included fire features. Set aside those decorative aspects, now we are moving on to the safety reason. You might select a site with reasonable distance from any building (including your house), away from supply lines, fuel storage and clear of shrub branches.

2. The Size of The Pit

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In fact, there is no ideal size. The easy way to find out what size is suitable and safe for you is by digging a two or three feet hole wider than your planned size.

3. Wood or Gas

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The smell of burning wood is simply relaxing, making us recall the moments of summer camps and good times with loved ones in the cold season. But, smoke from the burning wood consists of complex fine particles and gases. And they create air pollution. Especially if you are living in the metropolitan regions. You need to reconsider this one. There are some requirements for burning wood, such as seasoned and dry wood, using a moisture meter, covering the stacked wood, avoid burning wood while the air pollution is higher, avoid burning green wood, plastic, or any construction waste.

4. The Style of The Pit

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If you are admiring a classic and timeless brick fire pit ideas, then you should go for that. On the other hand, the modern one could be a better option for some reasons. One of the most popular modern fire pit is a fire glass one. This is an alternative to wood fire pits. The sources of fuel are natural gas or propane and they are said more environmentally friendly.



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