5 Clever Laundry Room Makeover Ideas for Small Space

Who love doing laundry? I bet most of you won’t raise your hands. I believe that this activity is rarely become favorite one. Thus, make laundry room makeover ideas are less being looked at. You may not like this activity but when there are a washer and dryer in your laundry room, you may be lucky and a little bit enjoy this thing way better than before. Doing the laundry room makeover does not need a huge space. With all efforts and ideas, you can realize that doing laundry can be fun and less annoying.

And be aware of every step of laundry room makeover ideas below:

1. Add More Surface Area

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This additional area can be added by creating a simple stacked wood countertop. This is for you who do not have a separate folding area. This idea is truly functional and aesthetic as its light wood edges the cabinets.

2. Consider Your Wall Space

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Small space can be tricked by creating additional storage system vertically. Some of them are wall hooks, cabinets, shelves and hanging bars.

3. Create Some Glam

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A little touch of sophisticated thing provides different vibe in what so called not so popular area. A metallic backsplash, sleek hardware and glass-front cabinets are worth being considered.

4. Repurposed The Unused Room

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If you even do not have a laundry room, create one. If you have an unused room, repurpose it become one, such as a little-used powder room near the kitchen.

5. Bright Your Laundry Room Up

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Say no to dark color scheme here. Install or repaint the white drawers, accessories and appliances. Besides, amplify the natural light by installing the white washed shiplap on the ceiling and walls. For more illumination, you can go for a large pendant light.

Those laundry room makeover ideas are great deal. Although you use this laundry room to wash the dirty clothes and socks, does not mean you let it old and dull. Do a makeover project with certain consideration and preparation will save your budget better.

Besides installing the wooden board or other accessories, you can create different effect by repainting them with the color of your preference. As getting your favorite color in the laundry room will reduce your feeling of unhappy. Sometimes, put one single flower vase also creates different impact to the entire room. Try this one next time you see a mini vase of succulents, as they are low maintenance.



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