5 Modern Master Bedroom Decor Ideas 2020

Modern bedroom decor ideas surely will wake you up. The definition of modern varies to each people. Thus, you need to discover which style you prefer, whether it is Scandinavian style, modern minimalist style, vintage, or others. Because there must be something that fits and suits everyone. Finding a designer bedroom lamp might be a guilty pleasure that you cannot ignore. Or do you have any?

Here are some guilty pleasure on room decor ideas that make you waking up cheerfully each morning:

1. The Low Slung Platform Bed

Source: pinterest.at

This is one of the most wanted modern furniture lately. People love the way it shows the details and finishes. The color combination of the room would be grey, white and red. As modern bedroom does not need too many accessories, thus the bedside lamps and a flower vase would be perfect. Just choose the ones fit to the whole design and furniture.

2. A Vision of Blue

Source: mykaleidoscope.ru

This color officially represents how a modern color is. Psychologically, blue gives you a restful night’s sleep as it promotes relaxation and sleep. The modern touch could be got from the metallic cushions. A little rustic wooden side table in minimalist design could be the best mix for modern bedroom.

3. Light And Shade Headboard

Source: pinterest.de

This stunning idea uses LED strip lights and extruded panels. Surely you would not find something like this in other’s bedroom.

4. Designer Table Lamps

Source: flippedcase.com

This is kind of investment you should accept. The beauty and uniqueness of the shade and design will be the design booster. For example, the gold table lamp will look perfect on soft grey bedroom theme, completed with wooden headboard. In this example, you will see the table lamp is becoming the focal point that attracts eyes to look at.

5. A Floor-to-ceiling Frameless Mirror

Source: m.2gis.kz

This is a clever idea to make your small room looking bigger and lighter. The reflection of the room would confuse the eyes so you see larger.

Master bedroom is like the center point of a home. The owners might spend their time to relax there. And modern room decor ideas above will answer the needs of what modern homeowners ask for. The modern master bedroom does not need to be perfect and fancy with so many accessories, as they might be busy working outside and could not spend more time to clean the clutter around. So, this simple yet rich furniture fulfill those decorative needs better for modern ones.



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