5 Pop DIY Art Projects for Beginners

If you just move to a new rental, it may be hard to adapt yourself. This kind of ‘jetlag’ may be lessen after purchasing some basic furnishings and arranging them in good way. Either way, there is one thing you can do to get used to your new home, which is by creating the DIY art project. Just look around and find some spots you think they are too empty, such as the wall. Doing the DIY art project will leave you content of your work without spending too much money.

There are various projects that can be done without special skill. For more, you can create a craft with a few supplies and can be done during weekend. Let’s see what we get for you:

1. Stenciled Monogram

Source: domino.com

This one is super simple and easy. So, if you are still fighting the ‘jetlag’, this one should be tried. The materials you need are stencil, a blank canvas and some acrylic paints. Start the project by putting a unique spin on the monogram. After getting the pattern you desire, put your work on the frame and hang on wall.

2. Fabric Pop Art

Source: pinterest.se

Fabric is inexpensive, so it is perfect for you to go for some experiments. This DIY art project is started by looking for a pattern. Then, wrapping a canvas with it or simply put a frame on it. An instant pop art is ready!

3. Subway Letter Art

Source: pinterest.co.uk

Create a meaningful DIY art by a using a memorable phrases, such as song lyrics, names, memorable places, important dates, etc. Play with your favorite fonts so it won’t get boring for the time being. And you don’t need any machine to bring it real while a computer printer and a paint brush give you such ease.

4. Numbers Art

Source: twitter.com

This can be meaningful art, such as anniversaries, birthdays, house number, etc. Just make it printed at a print shop and trim it down, then put on a frame. This could be unique as everyone coming your home probably would ask about it. So, it could be a good conversation starter. A must try one!

5. Paper Iris Artwork

Source: gravetics.com

Coming back to childhood memories are always fascinating to create some DIY art. This time, we get the inspiration from the old times where the ombre-colored paper strips are folded, and taped into iris pattern. Try creating some and bringing them together as one, then look at the result: modern vibe.



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