5 Step by Step to Build Landscaping Ideas Front Yard with Rocks

Front yard cannot be skipped as well as the entryway. They both are the way you welcome your guests or yourselves while entering your home sweet home. Landscaping ideas front yard spread online would help you finding the most perfect idea according to your existing home design. One of the popular landscaping ideas front yard is by adding rocks as the decorative thing.

If this rock idea fits to your home design and your own desire, here are the ways to build a rock garden.

Modern home with small front yard could apply this idea. The inspiration of this idea is natural garden. You can start by adding faux dried river beds, rustic mounts of plants, stones and soil. The amount of rock depends on your preference. But the simple space should be filled with a simple and round raised bed. This design is neat and any nook will be fitted. Furthermore, this one does not need extra maintenance.

To build this rock garden, you need a shovel, garden trowel and wheelbarrow. And the materials are soil, stones in various sizes and plants. Here are the step by step:

1. Build The First Course

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You need to clear the area from grass or other organic materials. Put a circle of rocks as a layout. The least attractive rocks are put in the bottom layer. Then fill this area with sandy soil.

2. Build a Second Course

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This is a smaller version of the first course. This in second course, you should put the lighter and best-looking stones.

3. Select Plants

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Landscaping ideas front yard using plants means choosing a color scheme that is most suitable to the stone. The best plants are drought-resistant plants. After getting those plants, start looking for variation in leaf texture and height of the plants.

4. Plant The Rock Garden of Yours

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The best way to arrange the plants is when they are still in their pots. You could decide which style of arrangement you need, whether a strategic or grouping arrangement.

Additional tips. After completing every step above, there is one thing to add: add a grown-in-place look, which is by creating some layers on your plants. The last is by covering as much as rocks and plants to the surface. In this project, you build an illusion as if the plants are grown through the cracks of every rock. You wouldn’t imagine how amazing it looks.

Best of luck t do your first gardening project!



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