6 Flower Arrangement Ideas for Engagement Party

Engagement is a step closer to the big day! If you are planning a engagement party by your own, you might see some flower arrangement ideas to get the most suitable flower decor. The outdoor party is commonly held in spring and summer. Thus the flower arrangement ideas could take the local spring and summer flowers as the main inspiration.

To hold an engagement party, you need to consider some steps.

The first one is thinking of the theme. Do you prefer taking the similar design and decor to your wedding ceremony or not. And here are some trendy ideas for you:

1. Wine Tasting Party

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This is how it plays: ask your beloved ones to bring a bottle or wine to share to the guests; and bring some wine glasses. While the table could serve some great cheeses and baguettes. As well as for extra dish, you could take pita bread, olive bar, hummus, strawberries, sliced apples and grapes. Ask your guests to raise their glass together with you to celebrate your happy day.

2. Rooftop Party

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Find a bar or restaurant that offers an intimate setting for party on its rooftop. To get the proper decor, choose the original accent first. Then you could go for some flower arrangement ideas

3. Grill Out Party

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If we commonly hold a barbeque party as casual gathering, then why don’t you turn it to be something classier? Which is by replacing the paper plates and picnic blankets with something fancier, such as woven placemats and white linens. The refreshments could be iced tea and fruity cocktails. For more, the intimate touch could be got by placing some candles.

The second step is by deciding what flower arrangement ideas do you choose? So, the following are some trendy ideas:

4. Floating Flowers

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This is super simple but boosts the extravagant vibe around. Put some decorative glass bowls and fill them with water, and put certain flower on each of them. Pick one flower that has similar characteristic to what vibe you really want to show; such as lilies for their bright color, orchids for their exotic vibe and lacy hydrangeas for their elegance.

5. Rustic Flowers

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Some succulents would be suitable for rustic-theme party. Complete the look by putting them on a bamboo box and arrange them around the tables.

6. Flower Cards

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Each bloom is placed in small bud vases and it stands as the place cards.



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