6 How to Make DIY Medicine Cabinet In Order for a Healthy Routine

DIY medicine cabinet could the best way to help you manage stress and clutter. Two things affect your life the most. You may realize that medicine cabinet is a hot spot for clutter. Furthermore, it is a place where you could find the expired face creams, medications and makeup. This enforces unhealthy habit you have to stop.

To manage your medicine cabinet, you should try arranging the product from left to right in the order you apply them. And store the things you rarely use in the storage boxes under the sink.

The following are some inspiration to make DIY medicine cabinet in order:

1. Magnetic Back Panel

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The magnetic back panel would save your day. There are some items you can choose, such as a magnetic paint, or adhesive magnetic sheets. Besides getting everything in order, it is beneficial to display a reminder or a prescription.

2. Understanding Your Routine

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It means, you need to separate each items according to where and when you apply them. For example, separate AM and PM skincare rituals, separate the beauty products according to the function, and put your daily needs in touch. The acrylic spice racks would be recommended to build this DIY medicine cabinet.

3. Display by Color

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Though you don’t have products in every hue of the rainbow, just use the ones with muted palette. In each row, categorize the color code by shelf.

4. A Chalkboard Panel

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This can be a source of motivation. Hang a chalkboard on the inside door of the medicine cabinet.

5. Cups and Containers

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They are used to keep the same kind of items in the same spot, such as skincare, dental, or beauty. By doing this way, you could be easier to reach the one you need in a matter of seconds. This organization helps you optimize your morning routine.

6. Keep The Essentials Only

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The focus of your DIY medicine cabinet might be daily health products, such as sunscreen, the hygiene necessities, etc.

Every morning might be a hectic time for everybody. They have limited time with lots of the things to do. By organizing your medicine cabinet, it saves more minutes to look for the items you need. Hence, clean and clear cabinet will boost your mood instantly and leave your day more productive than ever before. To avoid clutter, make a cleaning schedule, such as every weekday. This idea will optimize your own mind and cabinet’s organization.



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