6 Modern Computer Room Ideas to Transform a Home Office

Sometimes, people are coming back home bringing a stack of paperwork saved on a laptop. As well as the teenagers need some quite spots to do research on the internet. Whatever your needs, you have chances to transform a spot becoming a home office or a computer room, whatever you call it then. Some computer room ideas are having variations, such as the simple one with a computer and a printer, or the complete one with a nook or a pull-out shelf. Whatever your choose, make sure you make a deep consideration, including the size of your room, your budget, the theme you need to apply, the color, the works to do there, and so on.

So, here are some modern computer room ideas you could copy (with an adaptation or not):

1. Two Users’ Computer Room

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You can start investing with a large table that acts as a double sided desk. This one is super flexible as you could flip a finger and change the desk into a dining table after finishing your work. By adding some chairs, you could gather with family and enjoy dinner there. Just make sure that you have proper storage to store your works away before dinner is served.

2. Rap Around Run of Cabinets

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This is perfect of you are working from home and dealing with files, papers and reference every single day. This home office shelving idea gives you more space to store the works and minimize the clutter in your working space.

3. A Desk Behind The Sofa

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If you are admiring the luxurious detail, then this one should be into your preference. Put a desk anywhere you like, including behind a sofa. To store your works, install the decorative shelving behind. After getting tired or running out of ideas, you could look for a place to curl on your comfortable sofa.

4. Play With Contrast Colors

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Behind a desk, put some chairs in different contrasting colors. Add the colored wall planters for more cheerful vibe. These bright color things are giving you instant mood booster.

5. A Low Partition Wall

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A modern swivel chair would complete the home office that is located in the living area. Though you are in the living area, you could feel like a separate room by installing a low partition wall.

6. The Tall Partition Wall

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The opposite of the previous idea, this one creates a visual distraction but keeps its open space vibe. The walkways are still open at each side.



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