6 Super Stylish DIY Kitchen Cabinets on A Budget

The old hardware and cabinetry might be unappealing. Luckily, there have been various easy tips to do DIY kitchen cabinets that truly work well for your kitchen transformation. There are always plenty of possibilities to transform your kitchen cabinets without breaking your bank account.

Before starting this project, you need to assess whether you need to do refinishing, staining or painting your kitchen cabinets or do the most straightforward one, which is replace the cabinet completely? As for your information, the last option is the most expensive.

Hence, you need understanding that transforming your kitchen cabinet is a worthy investment. A new look always brings a new vibe and feeling. To help you through this project, here are some smart ideas of DIY kitchen cabinets for any budget:

1. Paint Your Cabinet

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The first idea is coming from the old cabinets that are still in good conditions. Better than replacing them entirely, you should add a fresh coat of paint. The new color brings a level up to the surroundings. The key is you need to make it look modern that it used to be. For example, if your old kitchen cabinet was dark blue painted, upgrade the look by painting them with modern white color. It gives you refreshing feeling.

2. Add The Shades of Gray

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While you are having a neutral kitchen theme, you can add the shades of gray as an accent. This shade is very stylish and unique. Besides, gray gives warmth to the entire room. We might be boring having all white in the kitchen, so by repainting the cabinets with grey; you add a beautiful contrast to them.

3. Shaker Cabinet Doors

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They are super stylish that you need to have in your kitchen. They are available in ready-made or build them by yourself. Whatever the style of your kitchen, the shaker cabinet doors almost fit to any of it.

4. Inexpensive New Hardware

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As stated above, the price is one of the issues here. Meanwhile, the new hardware would bring the new look to your kitchen. And the case is closed by purchasing the inexpensive ones.

5. Go With Trim

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Why don’t you transform your kitchen without exactly replacing all of them completely? Go for some trims to add dimension to your cabinets. And you can easily do this project during weekend literally as this is super easy and cheap!

6. DIY Plate Rack

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Building a new storage into the existing cabinets is appealing.



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