7 Small Farmhouse Sink for Laundry Room Ideas

People do not spend much time in the laundry room. But if you have chances to transform your laundry room, what would you want? Would it be the one with small farmhouse sink? Or modern style? Whatever the style you choose, make it your private sanctuary than a workroom. So, you would get a cure of your busy days.

Here are some inspiring laundry room ideas:

1. Get Back In Time

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While people are focusing on decorating their kitchen, you might better do it for your laundry room, such as by giving a little vintage touch. Use a washtub or antique bucket and brick flooring to get into the old times vibe. Hide the stackable washer and dryer behind the white cabinet doors. This is going to be beautiful retreat.

2. Classic Small Farmhouse Sink

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Nothing beats how a classic sink is providing a homey feel. Choose a classic deep basic farmhouse to please your eyes instantly.

3. Wooden Folding Table

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Throw away your boring and bland folding table. Replace with something more gorgeous and refreshing, which is made of a wood with a stain. And see the differences you have made; while folding your clothes, you might be admiring the woodwork.

4. Rustic Wood Cabinetry

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Talking about farmhouse could not be separated from the raw and rough wood, in every aspect. If you are admiring a farmhouse laundry room, replace the white plywood cabinets with rustic ones.

5. Subway Tile Backsplash

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This is kind of investment you need to see in your laundry room. But if you do not like something permanent, go for ‘peel and stick’ rolls.

6. A Sliding Barn Door

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This is working perfectly for smaller home. Choosing the large sliding barn door over the swing door saves more space, as you do not need to swing them open and shut.

7. Wood-planked Walls

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Besides having them in raw ones, you could go for a white-washed ones.

Having the small farmhouse sink in the laundry room helps you dealing with the washing issues. And creating a little touch f decorative aspect always lifts up your feeling. Though you may not spend much time here, but it is always worth to make a transformation. Working in the laundry room might be just putting the laundry in the wash and leave them to work by themselves. While a while later, you transfer them to the dryer and fold and go. But it could change your mood instantly.



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