7 Tips to Choose Outdoor Lighting Ideas by the Experts

While summer is heading you up, you may start thinking of the right outdoor lighting ideas to enjoy the great outdoors, such as hosting friends, enjoying the warm air with family, or others. The inefficient outdoor lighting could go your plans down. Some experts state that choosing the right outdoor lighting ideas is not only about some wall lights or string lights, it is more about creating a memorable ambiance to the surrounding.

1. Include The Basic Types of Lighting

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This is a must, so you do not allow to avoid it. These three basic types are ambient, task and accent. You will get the ambient lighting by post lights, hanging lights and wall lights. While the task lighting could be the security lights, pathway lights and deck lights. And the accent lights are including landscape kits and spotlights. For a modest budget, you can go with LED candles, string lights and even solar spotlights.

2. Calculate

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Before purchasing any, you need to calculate how many lighting you really need exactly. The tips to calculate is by: multiply the square footage of the area by 1.5. This calculation gives you the estimate of total wattage required for the area you need to light.

3. Get a Plan

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After getting the calculation of the wattage, now you need to measure your space and what size and position of the fixture will fit to it. Write down this plan on a piece of paper, so you won’t get lost or distracted while shopping. To determine the exact placement, use a paper template. To measure the size of outdoor lighting ideas should be one-third the height of the door. Other plans are by purchasing the weather-resistant and high quality materials for longer investment.

4. LEDs Would Do Better

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As they use less energy and almost maintenance-free, compared to halogen and incandescent bulbs.

5. Observe From Inside Your Home

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By looking at the yard from this point of view, you would get easier to decide which lighting to choose and where to place it. Consider that lighting gardens that can be seen from dining or living room give you wider view at night.

6. Subtle Light/ Indirect Light For Entertaining

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A soft glow will create a warm spotlight, so you could enjoy your outdoor meal. You can go for outdoor pendants, lanterns or ceiling fans equipped with light kits.

7. Security

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All entry points of your home must have been well lit.



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