8 How to Decide the Best Dining Room Storage for You?

One of the common issues on the dining room is the dining room storage. More and more, storage system is the key to create clean and clear house.

Decide each thing along with its function. You cannot imagine how various storage systems are. That is why someone cannot say she or he has too much storage at home. As most families have been attested that a hutch, sideboard, buffet or shelves are the best things to make everything in order and functional. The way they look could easily be customized, whether it would be open or closed shelves.

And here are the dining room storage options you have:

1. Buffet or Sideboard

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This is kind of the most traditional storage system. Their waist-height surface gives you more space to display platters and fresh blooms. To store the essentials, choose the closed cupboards and drawers. They are flexible so you can easily place them anywhere, such as the dining room, bedroom, TV room, etc.

2. Hutch

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A tall hutch placed in the dining room gives you more space for drinks and dishes, especially if you are having guests at home. Besides, the tall one is easy to display the vintage items, flowers and other pretty pieces. While the cupboards below will hold cookware, linen and dinnerware.

3. Bookshelves

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You can find them in different size and height, such as full-height or waist height. They work well for small dining room, as if you are lacking of floor space, mounting them on the wall. We can call them as one of the smart storage system.

4. Console

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You never know how you need a narrow console table until you get stuck by bags, mails and keys by the front door. This one with drawers below will save your home better, and you can add flowers or other decorative pieces on top of it.

After understanding the types of dining room storage system, now we are going to see which style is best for you:

5. Contemporary

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This style has Scandinavian curves with sleek lines. The tapered legs give it illusion of the space to look larger. And you can dress it up with blooms, vases or even candles.

6. Traditional

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The dark timber storage with solid lines provide strong look. This style is suitable for larger space or open space.

7. Industrial

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The timber shelves made of raw materials will surprise you with its charm.

8. All-white

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This color never gets wrong to provide effortless appeal. If you are a beachy style lover, then this style is perfectly yours.



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